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About us

The team

Building on our successful professional relationship and based on our common vision of business and its role in society, we have combined our management, executive and consultancy experience to form a cooperative of experts: Quale.

Quale aims to support businesses looking to develop their strategy and commitments in a collaborative manner so as to realise their potential human creativity to the full.

We work in close collaboration with business managers and owners who wish to fulfil their desire to merge the creation of economic value with acting in a socially responsible manner in their day to day business.

Philippe Humeau, associate director

Philippe has worked as a financial controller, a finance director and deputy director in SMEs and international groups such as Schneider Electric. He has also headed up humanitarian and development missions for Action Against Hunger.

He is 51 and a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Bordeaux (Economics and Finance); more recently he attended training on CSR as part of a specialist “Dialogue, diversity and management” MBA at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

Philippe specialises specifically in the analysis and structuring of a business plan, the integration of CSR into a corporate strategy, analysis and dialogue with stakeholders, performance measurement and intercultural management.

He also focuses on the lessons to be learnt from the great traditions of humanity in terms of action and human behaviour and their application in a professional context and the world of business. He has a particular interest in working on ethical finance issues (socially responsible investment, Islamic finance) and managing cultural and religious diversity in the workplace.

Gilles Marion, associate director

Gilles’ career has been built within various environments. He has worked in general and technical management for several global organisations (Vivendi Universal, Oxfam, UPS…), as well as in an operational role (project manager, consultant) internationally. Gilles has extensive experience in multicultural leadership and working collaboratively on strategic and operational dynamics.

Through his missions as an independent consultant he realised the extent to which creativity is constrained by the lack of participative methods in some companies, and the difficulties of putting them into action in complex environments or during transition periods. His speciality is to facilitate their implementation.

Gilles has developed numerous training programmes for businesses, in partnership with professional organisations covering various sectors. He is 51 and a graduate of the ICN business school (International business option).

Sophie Lozneanu, associate consultant

Sophie committed herself to local governments as well as local and international NGOs (GIZ, Oxfam, Solidarités International), where she held various positions such as Departmental Manager, Consultant and Technical Assistant.

She holds a degree in Political Science (“The Sociology of Power”) from the University of Paris VII, Jussieu, and pursued researches in gender studies. She has regularly worked with communities to enhance equitable access to quality social services.

Convinced that participative endeavours are the key to the solid and long lasting anchoring of projects, she accompanied stakeholders in the strategic creation and implementation of their policies. Her career path brought her to France, Cameroon, Mali and Niger, consolidating her expertise on the dynamics of participation in the development of communities, organisations and public policies.

Enriched by our professional careers over the past twenty years that have led us to work and live in Northern and Eastern Europe, Central, Southern and South East Asia, in North, West and East Africa, in North and South America, we know that when men and women come together to achieve a shared aim, drawing on their diversity, they are the life force that drives human enterprise.

We believe that those companies that can harness and optimise this energy will be able to meet the competitive challenges of the emerging world.