Quale - Some projects

Some projects :


Impact as evidence : shared understanding of expectations, agreement on principles to be adhered to and methods to be applied … Our consultancy work is a joint process towards improving your global performance.

In France and internationally, we support companies, government agencies and non governmental organisations in achieving broader and stronger collaborations.

UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)
Areva - Technip - CMA
LSE (Financial company)
Support for supply chain reform in 153 countries. Assignments with Areva’s local partners in the context of cooperative partnerships. Strengthening of the company’s values and redefining community methods and practices.


Our training modules, focused on our core expertise, combine various didactic methods tailored to respond to the needs, expectations and requirements of each..

  • - Transmission of knowledge : theoretical input, directed or informal teaching modules
  • - Learning through doing: case studies, simulation (business games), exercises
  • - Learning through collaboration : peer exchange, collective creativity

Our modules and workshops combine a variety of methods, with ongoing emphasis on the participants’ involvement so that lessons learnt become easily assimilated.

ENA (National School of Administration – French graduate school)
Ministry of Defence
5 training modules :
- Supply Chain Management
- Multicultural management
- Personnel and organisational management
- Strategy and operations
- Leading change and programme theory.
Workshop on secularism and the risks of discrimination with regard to religious symbols in the workplace. Training on principles and methods for managing cultural diversity.


In-depth analyses to enhance strategic thinking and define new types of action, new collaboration methods and partnerships.

Through using states of the art, environment analysis, mapping, challenges are contextualised and possible solutions and approaches proposed to optimise the fullfilment of opportunities. Our practices of research /action, through the mobilisation of your partners and our partners, allow for multiple perceptions of reality to be taken on board.

Doctors without Borders (MSF) - Holland
Asset mapping in the global health and education sectors.
Identification of potential partnerships in West Africa.
Review and benchmark possible options for the implementation of global information systems, including within fragile contexts. Research and contribution to the publication: Religious diversity in business: management through dialogue.